Tuesday, January 27, 2015

PCT Resupply Strategy

Please note: I've had several friends ask about sending care packages along the trail. This resupply list is for my personal planning purposes, and I'm choosing to share it in hopes that it may help other aspiring thru-hikers plan their resupply options. Please see this post if you're looking for information on sending care packages.

I am planning on using a combination of in town purchases and mail drops to resupply along the PCT. I used a combination of Yogi's PCT Handbook, the PCT Pocket Guide, and suggestions from fellow thru-hikers to decide where to send mail drops to and where to resupply in town. I found Yogi's book to be the most useful since it has the most details about options in town, and provides a chart of how former thru-hikers would resupply in each location. In total, I'm planning on having 15 mail-drops and 13 in-town resupplies.


  1. You have "Idylwild from Devils Slide Trail", but the trail is closed into Idyllwild from mile 162.5 to 178. See: http://www.pcta.org/discover-the-trail/trail-condition/pct-closed-on-mt-san-jacinto/. Also Hiker Heaven in Agua Dulce is closed. See: http://hikerheaven.com. Also from White Pass most hikers go to Snoqualmie before Skykomish. Please adjust your plan if you want. HYOH. Sincerely, Tartan PCT 2014 P.S. Minor spelling: Idyllwild, Agua Dulce, Timberline, White Pass.

    1. Bri, thank you for the input. I'll have to go over this again and make a few changes before I put my boxes together!