Monday, May 4, 2015

Fishing in Cherokee

May 3, 2013

I just dropped back to sleep when the alarm clock buzzed at 6 am. Uuggghhh. One if these nights I'll actually get some sleep. I pushed myself up, pulled on my long johns, and stuffed all my miscellaneous stuff back into my backpack. Cori and I were meeting Leeland on the river ( Cherokee/Raven Fork) in 15 minutes. It would be a long day. A very, very long day.

Today's Highlights
I saw a rainbow trout jump straight up out of the water like shamu. It was huge and it's belly shined the color of blood.

A heard of elk walked up to the rivers edge to say good morning to us. Leeland yelled at them to chase them off.

I practiced my casting. It was a hot mess.

I now have a pair waders to wear (thanks to Cori) so I wasn't to cold for too long.

Stone flys were emerging from the river and Leeland picked one up that had just floated to the top of the river. He handed it to me and I watched it has its wings finished uncurling and it took off to its next stage in life.

I watched Cori get taken for a swim by a horny head sucker fish. I wish I could have videoed it.

After lunch we drove to Portsmouth, OH to spend the night with Nutmeg, whom we haven't seen since Maine on the AT.

I neglected to take pictures of all the cool things I saw today. New goal: take at least one picture a day.

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